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Rhenus Personalservices - Provision of staff

Provision of Staff

On the basis of rate per hour

Lacking staff often cause stoppages and a resulting lack of quality and/or lower quality. Also the tasks accruing cannot always be covered by the existing staff. Rhenus provides you with employees exactly when you need them.

Qualified staff selected according to strict criteria absorb peak workloads or carry out extra tasks. Absences of our temporary staff are not charged to you. Our temporary staff are therefore 100% productive.

You only pay the agreed hours of attendance of our temporary employees in your company.

We have an unlimited license to supply temporary staff issued by the Federal Labour Agency, Regional Management of North Rhine-Westphalia. Rhenus is a member of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen e.V. (Association of German temporary employment agencies). The executive staff of Rhenus Office PS GmbH & Co.KG have at least five years’ experience in document-intensive sectors or the personnel services sector.

Contract for work

Alongside the classic settlement on the basis of an hourly rate, Rhenus also offers settlement by units worked. A contract for work, which is also possible, further increases transparency.

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